3D Architectural animation has become a powerful application in conveying design concepts of various buildings, space and industrial complexes in dynamic realism. With 3D walk throughs and Fly throughs, perspectives can be viewed from any angle or height bringing a photo realistic dimension to constructed spaces.In corporation of product specific and service oriented information into 3D walk throughs of commercial establishments such as Companies, Shopping Malls and Centres, Educational Institutions etc., can be used to provide an impressive multi media presentation.

Aspects of 3D walk throughs and virtual room design include building interiors, building exteriors, external environment.

Application of 3D walk throughs:

1. Residential Buildings

Iindividual Houses

b. Apartments
c. Farm Houses/ Villas
d. Development Project
2. Commercial Applications


b. Company Buildings
c. Iinstitutions- Educational/ Governmental/ Private
d. Hospitals
e. Shopping Centers
f. Hotels/ Restaurants/ Parks
3. Industrial Walk Throughs
4. Vitual Art Gallery Walk Throughs
5. Other Major Iindustries like Bridges, Dams, Aircrafts, Ships, etc.


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