KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Uncover hidden opportunities Site Surveys extracts audience insights so you can stop guessing and start selling.
Site Surveys is a clean and quick Web survey application that brings your audience’s opinions and information to the forefront, whether it’s customers, users, friends, or associates. Use it for a fresh perspective on what you’ve already done – and need to do – to cultivate and maintain a loyal following.
Craft the perfect survey
Choose from multiple choice, free-form, list and rating scale questions.
Capture the critical data.
Implement required questions to ensure you grab the most pertinent information.
Specify publishing options
Automatically close surveys based on the elapsed time or number of respondents.
Present respondents with a custom message or URL after survey completion.
Mine survey results
Generate at-a-glance survey results summary reports.
Filter survey results by specific response to create targeted subreports.
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