We are offering the following three schemes for you to choose from, as per your business model:    

With Chakra Web Consultant, you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs. We provideĀ  payment gateway services offer Indian merchants an outstanding global platform to cost effectively enter the digital economy.

If you have investigated launching an e-commerce effort, you would probably have noticed the steep learning curve and the daunting complexity involved. The exorbitant costs of e-commerce payment gateway solutions provided by financial institutions in India; the sheer volume of different software components and the challenge of integrating them, can discourage anyone from going into the business.

We have tied up with CCAvenue's merchant solutions, which have empowered thousands of e-merchants worldwide, with fast, secure, affordable and complete online transaction processing. CC Avenues is India's only third to have transactional capabilities with all Credit Card brands, major online banking institutions, mobile payment and cash cards options.

All Major International and Indian Credit Cards Processed

Expand your customer base to include Debit Card Users
Accept payments from ATM cum Debit Cardholders
Indian Customers can also pay through their Indian Bank Accounts
Convenient Mobile Payment Option for your Customers
Offer your Indian Customers an easy Cash Card Payment Option
F.R.I.S.K, a heuristic fraud detection engine
Convenient Interactive Voice Payment Processing
Works with any shopping cart. Free shopping cart included
Quick & Easy Integration with our Payment Gateway
Highest Level of Security
Our Payment Gateway offers 'Authorize & Capture' and other facilities
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