Our computer-based presentations can be utilised in public workshops, city meetings, proposal interviews, hearings, marketing pitches etc. It is seen that audiences respond much more to computer presentations than regular boards. It is very Effective, Highly Portable, Easy Editing of Content, Customized Graphic and Presenter Controls Pace.

Unlike standard board-based presentation, computer presentations can include digital video, animated bullets, animated logos, sound effects and music. All these elements draw the attention of the audience and make for a much more effective presentation.

Digital presentations offer the ultimate flexibility. Not only can they  be changed effectively at the last minute, but they can also be timed to run automatically for trade-show  environments as well as output to standard slides or boards for more traditional presentations. In addition, presentations can be posted on to the internet.

Corporate Presentation Types :


Linear Presentation


Self Running Movie

b. Multiple Output Formats (.mov, .flv, .avi, .swf, etc.)
c. Total Control
d. No interaction with the movie is possible both by presenter or viewer
e. Viewer has no choice on the sequence of the movie
f. In-built voice and music ideal for vast gathering where human intervention is not possible
g. The presentation can be totally Software based or Video Movie based
2. Interactive Presentation

Computer based training packages and corporate presentations etc.

b. The presenter and viewer have full control of the movie.
c. One can pause, rewind, forward and play and can even switch scenes of the movies
d. If required, then irrelevant topic can be easily skipped while making presentation.
e. The speaker can easily demonstrate with his own voice and style of presentation.
f. It is preferably advised not to incorporate voice in an interactive presentation.
g. Ideal for meetings, conferences, corporate presentations, training programs preferably in a closed area.


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