Businesses today have a choice of either dwelling in the old world and responding to business queries as they come in over the phone, fax or email in response to calls made by the company sales force. Alternatively, they can use the push process and proactively position themselves in front of a wider audience on the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW is a rapidly growing community of businesses in India, and the immediate benefit of publishing your company’s profile on the Internet is to make information pertaining to your ‘products and services’ instantly accessible to this large community.
We at Chakra WC are unparalleled in our ability to understand this strategic shift in your business priorities. We invite you to host your company profile with us.
Only one truth for your company in the market - How many times have you found yourself with more than one version of your company’s brochure. Worse still, as companies grow, experience and expand their horizon of products and services, they have to produce new brochures reflecting these changes. Over time, a set of clients invariable end up with outdated company brochure material without having the new material sent to them. With us, you will have only one source of all your collaterals centrally in a secure environment. You will no longer have to worry about two different truths about your company.
Agility and speed of communication as one of your chief weapons against competition - We will help you publish your collateral changes at the speed of the Internet on the web. As soon as we have your business content clearly laid out, we shall apply our depth of technological expertise and publish that to the WWW community rapidly in a manner that is eye catching and aesthetically of a high quality. We will manage this process without you experiencing any of the pains of managing technology.
A diminishing cost of collaterals and sales efforts - You no longer have to continuously invest in upgrading your paper media for your collaterals. We can now be your one stop shop for publishing your company’s business direction electronically over the web. The shift to a electronic medium from a paper medium will reduce wastage of paper , increase accuracy of information with speed, and very importantly help your sales force to concentrate just on selling without having to worry about the content of the collaterals as they meet their clientele. This translates to tangible cost savings for your business.
A reliable partner in your pursuit of market leadership - We have very deep expertise and infrastructure in web hosting technologies that is comparable to the best anywhere in the world. In addition to that we can bring to bear our international expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for your other integrated IT needs if any.
Chakra Web Consultant was established as a corporate vehicle for the technology that is rapidly changing the way organizations see themselves. To provide its customers with innovative services, Chakra Web Consultant, has been keeping track of development of products. We provide cutting edge media solutions through web animations, 3D Interactive Walk throughs, special effects, virtual reality, CD Presentations and Corporate movies and Web Solutions.

We hold realm in strategizing and implementation of e-business and deliver a suite of innovative solutions that comprise of web design and development, web hosting, customized Internet applications to integrate existing business models to the World Wide Web.

This unique combination of deep experience and vision is what we believe will add critical value for your web hosting needs. We look forward to a lasting professional relationship with your firm and be a partner in your journey to market leadership.

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